Internet Access

Ultrafast Fibre

Frustrated with an inconsistent experience and variable data rates on your DSL connection?

Via the governments Fibre To The Premise initiative, you can now switch to this new UFB fibre network which is currently being rolled out across New Zealand.  Do so and enjoy

  • higher bi-directional burst rates
  • a stable online experience
  • greater reliability
  • greater scalability
  • future proofing your internet connection
  • enable your reliable cloud access
  • cheaper voice calls by moving to VoIP
  • being high-definition (HD) video capable NOW

Additional and relevant material on UFB can be found here.

The SME Tech team is standing by to personally chaperone the installation and connection process.

UFB is but one access technology we provide – and of courser it is still a shared service.  Our dedicated internet services include HSNS, HSNS Lite and Premium fibre connects.  Hybrid WAN options may be better suited to your needs. Contact us to enquire and explore the service appropriate to you.

Our team will keep you totally informed as to the process and implications to installation and commit to not acting without your consent.

Ultrafast Fibre Products

To access UFB, a fibre-capable modem/router is required, so your current broadband modem/router may not be sufficient.

What choices do you have? 

At SME Tech, we pride ourselves in tailoring solutions to better meet our clients needs if one of our standard options does not do so.  We provide a range of products from 30/10 residential circuits through to 1Gbps business grade options. Whilst UFB is not available everywhere and connection/set up fees may apply, contact us now, leap into the digital future and discover how we can bring superior access to your door.

Questions? Contact us today.